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Thanks to everyone who helped in some way with Homecoming week! A lot goes into putting on the event, and I would like to thank everyone who assisted. Everyone had so much spirit and dressed up very creatively for the Dress-up days!! Thank you to all of the representatives and candidates. You all looked great! We would like to congratulate a few people on their Homecoming Awards: Cheerleader Sweetheart – Matthew, Football Sweetheart – Jessica, Homecoming Princess – Olivia, and Homecoming Queen –...

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9th and 10th Grade History

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Hello Rebel Family:  I am excited to announce we are going on our first field trip. We will be visiting The American Village on October 12th.  We will step back in time to visit a colonial town. We have been busy in our 7th, 8th, and 11th grade classes with tests and quizzes, and learning about the United States, Ancient Israel, and politics in the South during the 1890’s. Thanks Rebel family, Coach Mims

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Algebra II

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The eleventh grade has spent the first quarter on concepts that are taught in Algebra I.  Although they are the same concepts, the problems they do in Algebra II are more challenging.  So far this quarter, they have solved equations, added and subtracted polynomials, and graphed.  They just finished a chapter on graphing.  They graphed inequalities on number lines and equations and inequalities on a coordinate plane.  I know they will be glad when the graphing is over.  Unfortunately for them, there are still 2 or 3 more sections of it in...

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Life in First Grade

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First grade has had a busy month during September. We learned about Johnny Appleseed. Did you know that his real name was John Chapman and he was a missionary? Mrs. Richardson read us a story about him. We watched a video about his life. Did you know he wore a pot on his head and traveled west helping farmers and planting apple seeds? We are reading and learning about different types of animals and what we can do to help take care of them. Our August top AR reader was Caleb. Choosing our top AR reader in September is a tight race! Brandon,...

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Fourth Grade Happenings

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We had an exciting week during homecoming.  We had 100% participation in dressing up each day and 2nd place in door design. Our representatives, Kayla and Cameron, did us proud at the pep rally and the ballgame.  Way to Go! Spelling Bee Winners September 1 – Halle, Easton, Keila, Emily, and MeLeah September 8 – MeLeah, Drew, Kent, Halle, Cameron, and Zachary September 22 – Zachary, Talley, Halle, Drew, and...

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We are at the halfway point of football season and it has been a great year so far.  The varsity rebels are 5-0 and ranked as the 4th best team in the AISA.  We are the highest ranked 1A team.  Our team has improved every week, and I am very excited about the progress this team has made.  The JV is 5-1 and has played very well this year, also.  We have had some injuries, but our guys have really played exceptional football and have risen to the occasion every Tuesday.  The Pee Wee Rebels finished their season last Thursday with a win over...

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The Fine Arts students are working hard to put together a Christmas play set to debut this December.  The play is called “On the Worst Day of Christmas”.  Thus far, students from grades 4th-12th have been cast in roles for this funny, holiday play, in which two small-town churches try to one-up each other’s Christmas pageants.  More details are still to come as this show develops.   We hope you will support the play and the Chambers Academy Fine Arts/Drama program. Mr. Hurst

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Lifetime Sports

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I am happy to announce that our ninth grade has begun their semester of our Lifetime Sports class. The students will get to compete while learning the rules and regulations of many different sports. As a class, we have just completed our first mini-season of ultimate Frisbee. The championship match was won by the Red Raiders. Our next season will be Whiffle ball. If there are any questions or concerns about Lifetime Sports or physical education, feel free to contact me at Go...

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See you at the pole

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Today we participated in “See You at the Pole”. The student body came out and all prayed together. This is an awesome event. I am so very proud of our students for doing this. Student led prayer is a powerful and spiritual experience for the young, as well as the more mature crowd. Nate had a wonderful welcome and opening into the prayer. Reed then followed up with prayer. Participation from the students is what makes this so great! Coach Brandi

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Second Grade News

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Eben, Abigail, Ty H., Haley, and William earned 10 AR points (or more) in August and participated in a special water day with Cate, Colton, Beth, and Baylee from 3rd grade. They all enjoyed getting wet on such a hot day! We will have our first field trip on Oct. 11th! We’re going to see the play, ” The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.” We have shared several writing activities on the book and are looking forward to the play! Our Fall Book Fair, Oct. 9th – 13th, is always a fun week! We enjoy the family events and...

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