Faculty & Staff


John M. Mehaffey : Headmaster

John M. Mehaffey


john.mehaffey@chambersacademy.com 334.864.9852


B.A. - University of Georgia

M.P.A. - Columbus State University

Ph.D. - Auburn University


Employed at CA since 2013


"I have been in the field of education for ten years and I knew after my first teaching that I wanted to be an administrator. I have the best job in the world! I get to interact with students, almost from birth until they graduate high school. Chambers Academy fosters an amazing environment of mutual respect between faculty and students with success being the outcome. I am proud to be a part of the CA Family."

Matthew Hurst : Assistant Headmaster

Matthew Hurst

Assistant Headmaster

matt.hurst@chambersacademy.com 334.864.9852


Foreign Language Teacher


B.A. Auburn University


Employed at CA since 2012


"Hello! My name is Matthew Hurst and I am the Assistant Headmaster at Chambers Academy. I have a Master’s in Education from Auburn University and teach Spanish. My wife Katie and I have three beautiful children, Mattie Kate, Kyleigh, and Sam. I enjoy music and going to the beach!"

Emily Milford : College Counselor

Emily Milford

College Counselor



Cheer Coach


B.S. - Auburn University


Employed at CA since 2016


"As a 2011 graduate of Chambers Academy, coming back to teach here was the last thing on my mind. Several years later though, I am blessed to be back home doing what I love. I graduated Auburn University in 2015. While a student there, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy. In my spare time, I enjoy crafting, traveling, eating, and going running with my dog, Shiloh."

Jason Allen : Athletic Director

Jason Allen

Athletic Director



Physical Education

Varsity Football Coach

Varsity Boys Basketball Coach


B.S. - Auburn University


Employed at CA since 2013

Susan Mitcham : Administrative Assistant

Susan Mitcham

Administrative Assistant

susan.mitcham@chambersacademy.com 334.864.9852


Employed at CA since 2013


Susan Roughton : K-5 Teacher

Susan Roughton

K-5 Teacher



Employed at CA since 2016


"I am married to Keith Roughton and we have two children and a daughter-in-law.  On June 12th we were blessed with a lovely granddaughter, Pearce Ryan Roughton. I am a 1982 graduate of Chambers Academy.  Yes, I've been out 35 years!!!  Teaching is actually my second profession.  From 1990 until 2002 I worked as a Service Social Worker with the Chambers County DHR and I worked in every service field.  In 1999 I returned to school and earned a master's degree in Elementary Education and I taught 1st, 4th, 5th & 6th grade with the Chambers County BOE.  With my combined years I retired with 25 years from the State of Alabama.  This is my second year teaching K5 at Chambers.  It is such a blessing and honor to work with these students, teachers, and families."

Norma Hyde : 1st Grade Teacher

Norma Hyde

1st Grade Teacher



B.S. - Troy University

B.S. - Troy University


Employed at CA since 2014


"I have had the privilege of teaching at Chambers for the past four years. I truly enjoy being with my students and watching them learn. They inspire me daily. My goal is to make sure they are ready for second grade. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the Chambers Academy family."

Ruth Bass : 2nd Grade Teacher

Ruth Bass

2nd Grade Teacher



AISA Teacher of the Year 2016


B.S. - Auburn University

M.S. - Auburn University


Employed at CA since 1977


"I am the first graduate of Chambers Academy to come back to teach and after 40 years -------- I'm still here. I have now taught some of our teachers! I believe that the second and first grades are the best grades in the world to teach (because those are the only grades I have ever taught)!"

Amanda Norris : 3rd Grade Teacher

Amanda Norris

3rd Grade Teacher



B.S. Auburn University


Employed at CA since 2015


"Hi Everyone! My name is Mandy Norris. I have been teaching Third Grade for 3 years, and love it! Go Rebels! I graduated from Southern Union with an Associates in Science. Then, graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Elementary Education. WAR EAGLE!! My hobby is just spending time with my husband Jason, and my four kids, Noah, Caleb, Zach, and Ocean. Of course, the cutest of the family though is my Boston Terrier, Paisley.  :)"

Ellen Burton : 4th Grade Teacher

Ellen Burton

4th Grade Teacher



B.S. - Auburn University


Employed at CA since 2005

Brooke Cohran : 5th Grade Teacher

Brooke Cohran

5th Grade Teacher



B.S. - Jacksonville State University


Employed at CA since 2016


"I grew up in Roanoke, Alabama where my family and I still presently reside. In December of 2012, I graduated magnum cum laude from Jacksonville State University. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart. Together, we have two amazing children-Gabriel and Lana. In my 'spare time', I enjoy crafting and spending time with family. I love Dr. Pepper, pasta, and anything chocolate."

Merit Sims : 6th Grade Teacher

Merit Sims

6th Grade Teacher



Employed at CA since 2017


"I am a retired public school teacher/ administrator. After 33 years, I decided that I wanted to try something different, so here I am! I have two children, Seth and Molly, and a husband whose name is Greg. I am an avid reader, and a passionate football fan."

Martha Taylor : Highschool Teacher

Martha Taylor

Highschool Teacher



Advanced Math


B.S. - Eastern Illinois University


Employed at CA since 1998


"My name is Martha Taylor.  I have been teaching for 26 years and the last 19 here at Chambers.  I graduated from Eastern Illinois University. Presently, I live in Valley with my husband and 1 of our 3 children.  An interesting fact about me, is that I was born in Delaware and have lived in 7 additional states and 1 foreign country."

Chandra Beck : Highschool Teacher

Chandra Beck

Highschool Teacher




Girls Volleyball Coach


B.A. Faulkner University


Employed at CA since 2015


"A lot of people may know that I played college volleyball at Faulkner University, but what you may not know is that I am originally from Colorado. I met my husband in college, where he was playing football. We have now settled in the area and have a child and one dog. In my spare time, I love playing with my son and watching lots of TV and movies."

Brandi Fuller : Highschool Teacher

Brandi Fuller

Highschool Teacher




Varsity Girls Basketball Coach

Varsity Softball Coach


B.S. - Auburn University


Employed at CA since 2014


"I am Brandi Fuller. I am a 1997 graduate of Chambers Academy. I'm married to Jody Fuller who is a 1994 graduate.  We have two kids who are currently attending Chambers Academy, Lindsey (8th grade) and Colton (3rd grade).  This is my fourth year here the second time around.  I also taught here a few years ago.  I teach Jr. High and High School Science.  My second duty is coaching basketball and softball.  I enjoy these kids on daily basis and am truly blessed to be a part of the Chambers Academy family."

Dillon NesSmith : Highschool Teacher

Dillon NesSmith

Highschool Teacher



Physical Education


B.S. - Auburn University


Employed at CA since 2016

Matt Mims : Highschool Teacher

Matt Mims

Highschool Teacher





Assistant Football Coach


B.S. - Huntingdon College


Employed at CA since 2017


"I am a graduate of Huntingdon College with a Bachelors in History and a minor in English. I played basketball and soccer at Huntingdon College, started the Pi Chi Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, where I was recruitment chair of my fraternity. When I’m not teaching or coaching I am spending time outdoors, going to the river, hunting, and fishing. I attend church regularly and every summer I attend a Baptist camp for kids at Shocco Springs."

Merry Abney : Highschool Teacher

Merry Abney

Highschool Teacher



Middle School Math


Employed at CA since 2017


"My name is Merry L. Abney. I've been a classroom teacher for 38 years and retired from 2 states. I've had a child, grandchild or great-grandchild in attendance at Chambers Academy for 30 years and I've just enrolled another grandchild this year. I truly love and believe in Chambers Academy. I had the pleasure of working with the CA plays with Mrs. Billie Ann Tucker for 21 years and continued for 3 additional."

Tom Garrett : Highschool Teacher

Tom Garrett

Highschool Teacher




Athelia Richardson : Librarian

Athelia Richardson




B.A. - Lagrange College


Employed at CA since 1974


"Little did I know that when I came to Chambers Academy in the fall of 1975, I would be here in the fall of 2017!  I am now working with my third generation of students, and I can tell you 'the apple does not fall far from the tree'.  I have seen many changes over the years, and hope that I have contributed in some small way.  What does a librarian do in her spare time?   READ, of course!"


Meredith Sasser : K-4 Teacher

Meredith Sasser

K-4 Teacher



Employed at CA since 2013

Lauren Osborne : K-3 Teacher

Lauren Osborne

K-3 Teacher



Employed at CA since 2015

June Lindsey :

June Lindsey



Food Service

Cindy Hurst : Lunchroom Director

Cindy Hurst

Lunchroom Director

Marie Moore : Assistant Lunchroom Director

Marie Moore

Assistant Lunchroom Director