*We made Christmas ornaments and sent them to Montgomery.  They will be hanging from the Christmas tree in the Governor’s Mansion until the end of the year.

*Spelling Bee winners:

  November 3 – Zachary, Cameron, Kayla, Halle, Easton, Kent, Emily, Drew, and MeLeah

  November 9 – MeLeah, Drew, Emily, Spencer, Kent, Keila, Halle, Kayla, Cameron, Talley, and Zachary

  December 1 – Zachary, Talley, Keila, Spencer, Emily, Drew, and MeLeah

*Alabama Counties Spelling Bee winners:

 November 3 – Zachary, Kayla, Easton, Emily, and MeLeah

 November 9  – MeLeah, Emily, Halle, Kayla, and Zachary

 December 1 – Zachary, Halle, Kent, Spencer, Emily, Drew, and MeLeah