Art Show

We would like to take the chance to congratulate the winners of our Chambers Academy Art Show on Wednesday, April 12th.

Kindergarten – First Grade: Mixed Media – 1st Emmalee, 2nd Sydney; Painting – 1st Ryanna, 2nd Konnor

Second Grade – Third Grade: Painting – 1st Anna Kate, 2nd Casey; Photography – 1st and 2nd Beth; Drawing (color) – 1st Kayla, 2nd Talley

Fourth Grade – Sixth Grade: Painting – 1st Kelsea, 2nd Morgan; Drawing (color) – 1st Alison, 2nd Layla; Photography – 1st Kelsea

Junior High: Photography – 1st Peyton; Painting – 1st Audra, 2nd Kinsley; Drawing (non-color) – 1st and 2nd Rebecca; Drawing (color) – 1st Rebecca, 2nd Caydon; Collage/Mixed Media – 1st Mattie, 2nd Lizzie

Senior High: Painting – 1st Isela, 2nd Mateo; Waterbased – 1st Mikayla, 2nd Josiah; Drawing (non-color) – 1st Melissa, 2nd Paige; Drawing (color) – 1st Kristina, 2nd Kaine; Photography – 1st Charlotte, 2nd Colby

Best in Show: Charlotte with her photograph of a rose

Our first and second place winners will compete in the District VI competition on Wednesday, April 19th. Wish these artists luck!